Why Is Social Media Important For Businesses?

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Why Is Social Media Important?

And how to make your business be better at it

Most people think of social media as apps on their smartphone or tablet, but the truth is, this communication tool began with computers.  This misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access their tools via apps.  In fact, social media is a series of websites and applications which allows people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time.

Having the option to share photos, opinions, events, etc. in real-time has changed the way we live and it is also changing the way we do business.  Many companies who engage with social media as part of their marketing strategy will have seen some pretty good results.  But the key to social media success is to give it the same consideration you do with all your marketing. 

Over time social media marketing has become highly competitive and it has become easy to spend a large amount of money on a campaign that give you little or no return on your investment.  Social media marketing is comparable to competing for space in a newspaper years ago and since the attention span on social media is relatively short, it is much harder to get the attention of customers than it was with a newspaper ad.  In addition to this, ad headlines and copy are much harder to write on social media platforms.

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make on social media is to open up an account with every platform they think is relevant and then leave them with no activity.  It seems social media users are put off by companies who open accounts and do not engage, so the reality is, it is better to not have a social media icon on your website if you are not going to actively engage it.

Another terrible mistake a business can make is to use social media with the focus being on what their company wants to say rather than what the customer wants to hear or see.  The goal should be to provide content that is relevant to your customer and engages them, hopefully to the point that they want to share your post to others.  A great idea is to involve them in a dialogue. Ask for their opinions. 

One more thing to consider is that the most commonly shared content on social media will have an image.  Think of the popularity of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.  People like looking at pictures as these catch the eye and are easy to digest quickly.  Having a picture will dramatically increase your chances someone will share it with their network which is free advertising.  And what business does not want free advertising!

Put yourself in the position of the customer.  As a consumer what would you want to see?  What would engage you?  What would encourage you to share with your network?  If you can think like the customer and you put yourself in their shoes you will have a much better chance of producing content and interacting with them in a way that will result in a positive outcome.

Happy posting!

Social Media Marketing - Business Infographic

What do you think?  Do you have any ‘dos and don’ts’ for businesses on social media?
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