Wedding Cake Ideas

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Wedding Cakes

What style wedding cake suits you?

Wedding cakes are often considered an important factor by a wedding couple.  It usually holds centre stage and garners much attention by admiring guests.  A lot of couples often choose to have a ‘cutting of the cake’ time slot mapped into their running of the day and I have even seen some weddings where one of the happy couple will end up with cake on their face following a honeymoon donation process by the guests.

It is up to each couple to decide how much importance they give to the cake.  They can be very costly and may end up uneaten depending on the point in the evening it is served.  But they can also add to the whole theme and style of the day.  They can even be an alternative to the dessert at the end of the wedding breakfast if you choose.

Ultimately, the thing to remember is you don’t have to go down the traditional route if you don’t want to.  There are many ideas out there that you can incorporate into your day to make it more ‘you’.

Here are a few of my favourite wedding cake ideas, but check out the Courtnie Events Pinterest board for more inspiration. 

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Naked Wedding Cakes

I love naked wedding cakes!  But then I am quite a big fan of the rustic look.  

Naked Wedding Cakes look simple and elegant.  Usually adorned with berries, flowers or foliage, it is easy to tie this type of wedding cake into your theme.

I have worked with florists who have provided cut flowers for the cakes to be decorated with, that way it all ties in very nicely.

Also, if you are looking at having a wedding on a budget, this can be a great option.

Courtnie Events - Naked Wedding Cake

Using Cake Stands

Having cupcakes stacked on a beautiful, tiered cake stand in lieu of a traditional wedding cake has long been a thing but think about all the other delicious goodies that could be stacked on there instead.

Tiered cake stands will form the shape of a traditionally tiered cake, so why not choose anything you like to go on there.

Donuts have become a popular one in recent times, but how about your favourite desserts?  Tartlets, mini pies, Cannoli, canapes, cheesecake?  The choice is yours.

Courtnie Events - Wedding Cake Stand cupcakes
Courtnie Events - Pop Cake tower


Towers are great.  They look elegant, stylish and delicious.

Think of cake pops, Macarons, profiteroles, donut holes  and the French Classic, Croquembouche.  

Croquembouche may seem like a bit of a tricky one  to serve, but when one of my wedding couples opted for this we arranged to have a display version and then had the delicious ones in the kitchen ready to be served to the guests.
Just a thought…

Courtnie Events - Croquembouche
Courtnie Events - Macarons
Courtnie Events - Brownies

Mounds of Brownies

I need you to use your imagination a little here…

Imagine a pile of brownies, a huge pile.  There is a brownie for every person at the wedding and they are in a big mound covered in different berries and icing sugar.  It looks delicious!

The wedding couple then pour a jug of silky cream over the brownies instead of the traditional cutting of the cake.

This is exactly what one of my wedding couples did for their wedding with 150 guests and it was incredible!  

Cheese Wedding Cake

Cheese wedding cakes have been around for quite a while and are such a great idea.

Not only do they look really great but they also are thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.  I usually recommend offering the cheese wedding cake as part of the evening food.  Savoury tends to go down much better after a few drinks.

Set out a table with the cheese wedding cake, some knives, side plate, crackers and condiments for guests to help themselves to.  It always goes down a treat!

What do you think about having a unique wedding cake?  Are you a fan of tradition ?  Do you have any unique wedding cake ideas?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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