Ways To Save On A Wedding

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Ways To Save On A Wedding

Looking for ideas on how you could cut back the cost of your wedding?

With weddings being notoriously expensive you may well be wanting to see where you can cut back on costs without making it look like you have cut corners.

It is important to remember to have the wedding you and your partner want, it doesn’t have to be like the weddings you see in magazines.  If you know what you want and don’t get swept up into the idea that bigger is better this will automatically save you money.  If you want a simple band don’t let people talk you into booking an 8-piece.

Work out what is important to you and what you don’t want to compromise on.  This may be the photographer, the cake or transport to and from the venue for your guests.  As long as you retain the things that you think are key to your wedding day you will be having too good a time to be thinking about anything else. 

With this said, there still may be ways that you could save on these key elements.  Websites like Groupon can be great places to find discounted rates on photographers, cakes and sometimes even venues.  Also, shop around.  Looking at the different options out there is sure to save you some money.

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I’m sure you know a talented bunch of people that may be able to help you out in someway.  If you know a professional florist or someone who likes floristry as a hobby maybe they could donate some of their time.  Maybe someone has a nice car and wouldn’t mind driving you to your venue.  I know mothers’ of the bride/groom who have baked the wedding cakes and groomsmen who have helped setting up the AV.  People often like being asked to do things they’re good at and what better a time to ask than for your wedding.

See what your friends, family and neighbours are willing and able to lend you for your wedding day.  Maybe you know someone who has a PA system who wouldn’t mind you using it for the day.  Or maybe someone has some decorations or candle holders you could borrow.  This could even be crockery, cutlery, cake knife or tables and chairs.  Anything you can borrow will be a saving.

See what you can DIY – you might be surprised.  This could be the invitations, favours, display table plan, name cards, decorations.  The list goes on.
Ask the bridal party to help out with any DIY wedding pieces you will be making.  Make it into a fun day/evening with wine and snacks.  Just remember not to take it too far with how much you are asking people to help with this kind of thing.  You do want everyone to still be excited about being a part of your wedding rather than it feeling like they have been asked for the free labour.

As you start planning and going through ideas you will come across an endless amount of really cute ideas, but all the little things do start adding up.  Do you really want to pay for the groomsmen to have funky, matching socks for that one photo?  Are you sure you need to send out Save the Date cards?  Does anyone actually take home the favours?

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See if you can get an ex-display dress or a second-hand dress (there are specialist charity shops for this) with minor alterations nobody will know it isn’t a full price one.  Look into vintage shops too or websites like Etsy.  You don’t have to go for a traditional wedding dress from a bridal gown shop.  These are always at a premium price, but you can find beautiful non-traditional wedding dresses in so many different stores.  The same goes for suits wear one you already have, look into vintage/second-hand options or go for just the jacket or waistcoat and some trousers you already own rather than the full three piece.

For the wedding party, males and females, you could ask them to wear something of their own or you could look at getting their clothing in a sale.  Is it really important for the bridesmaids to have matching shoes?  Maybe not.

Rings don’t have to be big, flashy and expensive. Ask your family – there may well be a grandparent/great-grandparent’s ring floating about that they would be happy for you to have.  Another option is vintage/second-hand stores and websites.  You really can find some absolute beauties at a fraction of what you would expect to pay if you put in the time.

If there is anyway you could do some or all of the catering yourself, or with the help of friends and family, you have the potential to save quite a lot.  Of course, this may not be possible depending on where you are going to host your reception, but it is certainly one to consider.  You could also think about having your wedding reception in a restaurant or private dining room within a restaurant.  You can often hire out these spaces with a minimum spend only (all food and drink you purchase with them would count towards that) and no hire fee for the space.  Plus you know the food would be pretty darn good.

Buffets rather than a seated meal is generally much more economical.  And don’t forget about food trucks.  There are so many that cater to events.

When it comes to booze it usually works out much cheaper if you can supply your own rather than going with what the venue supplies, and therefore, their prices.  Some venues will offer dry hire.  While some restaurants may have a corkage fee, some restaurants don’t have an alcohol licence and so you can bring your own. With some months of preparation you can get a decent collection of the drinks you wish to serve at your wedding while it is on special offer.  

With food and drink being one of, if not the most, expensive aspect to a wedding, it is good to ask your venue these questions before you sign anything so you can realistically work out the costs and see if that venue will work for your budget.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm country with a stable climate (or even if you are just feeling lucky!) you could consider having your wedding reception outside.  You might know someone with a nice garden that you could host your reception in, you could opt for a park or such like.  There might be a restriction on the number of people you can have together in some public spaces, you you can easily check this with your council.  If you will be over this number it is usually quite easy to make the council aware of your intentions.

Having your wedding outside in a place that you don’t have to pay for will save you a hefty sum.  Not only would you not be paying for the venue, but you can put to good use all the saving tips on food and drink.

What other ways would you recommend to cut back on wedding costs?  Do you have any hints and tips from your own money saving wedding?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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